The Puppy Coalition

Welcome to Our Website

Thanks for coming to visit. At The Puppy Coalition we strive to match families with dogs rescued from shelters. The following pages will give you an insight into what we do, how we do it and how you can both become a part of our organization and even adopt your own new canine family member.

OUR MISSION EMERGED. The Puppy Coalition started in 2012 at a time when animal euthanasia in county shelters seemed to be at a peak and county animal control "shelters" were killing dogs at an unprecedented level. Sadly, it has not gotten better even though the State of California has taken the position that euthanasia is a last resort and meaningful efforts are to be made to find homes.

The quote, "Evil flourishes when good people do nothing" resonated with us. We had to do something. Evil truly manifests in the halls of county and city animal control departments because of the antiquated way they manage and interact with animals, predominantly dogs. Most dogs go into shelters, more or less OK. They may exhibit negative behavior when dog catchers and animal handlers muscle them around on neck poles or use other scary tactics to control them physically but we only need to speculate how we would react if someone were doing that to us. After weeks or months of being incarcerated, often not being let out of their small cages at all, they frequently come out of that tribulation very fearful and apprehensive and display signals to people not to hurt them. We thought, "We might not be able to do everything but we refused to do "nothing".

So here we are ten years later and while we are not the biggest rescue organization by far, we continue to make a difference for many dogs and many families on a monthly basis.

COLLABORATION WITH OTHER RESCUES. We are a little different than most rescue organizations in that we will assist other rescue organizations rather than compete with them to place "our" dogs. We have always felt we needed a "force multiplier" or a way to cooperate with others to save as many dogs as possible.

So we offer to help any legitimate rescue organization attempting to rescue dogs that would otherwise be killed in shelters. We help them transport, find foster homes and interview prospective adopters for them. We share their dogs in need of rescue our our Petfinder and Adopt a Pet pages. In other words, "its about the dogs", not the people.

WE STILL NEED YOU THOUGH. We need people to accomplish our goals and make the world a better place for dogs and families. Contact us if something brought you to our website and feel moved to join our cause for animals! The pages of this site explain more. We'd love to hear from you.