"Meet and Greet"

Once we have determined your home would be a good fit for the dog you have expressed interest in, we will set up a convenient time and place for all of us to meet. Often this is the applicant's home. A part of the process is also to do a "home check" so the home is quite often the best choice.

If you have other animals, they should also attend the Meet and Greet. An objective is to familiarize everyone with the potential new family member and get a first hand reaction to make sure we should go ahead with the adoption.

If there is another dog, there is a special introduction process we use to make this introduction the least stressful to both dogs. If there are others who are frequently in the home, it is beneficial to have them present as well. We provide dog-specific education and training at this meeting. When integrating a new dog into a home, there are tips and experience we provide that make the adoption as easy as possible.

If the meeting goes well, the interested parties are encouraged to give the adoption more thought and get back to us in a couple days. If the answer is "yes", then we ask the adopters to review and complete the adoption agreement.