Volunteer Opportunities

FOSTERING - OUR GREATEST NEED. We always are in need of foster homes for our rescued dogs.

Every dog we get out of a shelter needs to place to go. Foster homes are the best for many reasons. The first is that a home is a far better, more comfortable place than an impersonal, cold, concrete kennel.

If you are interested in playing a vital part in a rescued dog's "second chance at life" we would truly appreciate hearing from you. The duration of fostering can be a few days to weeks or even months depending on how long it takes to place a dog.

SPECIAL NEEDS FOSTERS. Additionally, if you are able and interested in providing a foster home to a special needs dog, this is an especially acute need. So many of the dogs dumped into shelters are there because their owners didn't want to spend the money on them to provide the medical care they need. We provide those animals the needed medical attention and often they need time to recuperate. This is when we need fosters, perhaps some with experience in caring for animals with healthcare issues or perhaps some folks with nursing experience, are most needed. Most of the time it just involves post operative care following a surgical procedure.

WE PROVIDE THE FOOD AND PAY OTHER EXPENSES. The rescue organization pays for all veterinary needs and foster expenses including food. If there are other needed items, we provide those too. Click the bar below and let us know of your interest and availability.

TRANSPORTERS. If you are interested in becoming even more active in dog rescue, we can use people who can physically transport dogs out of county and city shelters to a vet or a kennel or to a foster when we have made arrangements to rescue them. We pay for the gas.

It involves driving to the shelter, loading the dog into the car, sometimes in a crate which the shelter people will place in the car. At that point, we usually need to have them taken to a veterinary clinic for spay/neuter, a physical exam and vaccinations. They are left there until we can retrieve them for their next stop which is wherever they are staying temporarily pending adoption.

So you can see transportation is a big part of the rescuing process. If you might be able to help, we'll pay for the gas. Click on the bar below and let us know if you would like to become a "rescuer".

LEGISLATIVE CONTACT / LOBBYIST. In our efforts to change the system and improve animal welfare, we need individuals with experience and interested in communicating with agencies and legislators. We need individuals who are willing to work together with the rescue leadership to speak on behalf of animals and our organization at county supervisor meetings and present views and concepts that need to be heard. So many legislators are relatively ignorant about animal care and the law, about the horrible conditions county animal services managers permit that someone from the outside needs to shine a bright light on the conditions and work constructively to change them. If cooperation is not forthcoming, then we take matters to higher level and work with media to expose bad practices and conditions.

Among our own staff we have some expertise in this regard we bring from other disciplines but we are short on time with our main rescue responsibilities. If you want to be an activist for animals, consider contacting us. We would love to hear from you.

WRITE ADS FOR ADOPTABLE DOGS on SOCIAL MEDIA. Every time we get a new dog, we need the best exposure possible. We believe that we need to maximize the use of social media. Are you good at that? If so, let us know because we need YOU.

FUND RAISERS. Are you good at writing financial requests on GoFundMe or other ads that raise money for worthy causes? We need help for underwriting boarding, medical bills, transport costs, rehabilitation costs, and the list goes on.....