Adoption Process

The Process for Adoption is brief but has several distinct and necessary parts.

  1. Completion of Interested Party Background Questionaire to determine if the dog and the family/person is a good match for the particular dog. (Click on the Link at the bottom of the page to open the form.) If we decide the background information shows that the home would likely be a good one, we move to the second step.

  2. Interview with the Family and Home Tour. Since a great deal of driving may be involved, at this point we usually use Facetime or similar virtual meeting platform for our interview. We ask for family members to participate and also do a virtual tour of the home so we can see where the dog would be living.

  3. In Person Meeting. Assuming everything looks good at that point, we arrange for an in person meeting with the family and the dog of interest.

  4. Adoption Agreement. Last, if there is agreement and adopters and the rescue organization agrees, we provide an adoption agreement for the adopters to review and sign and then set up a date for adopters to pick up their new family member. At this time, the rehoming fee, based on spay/neuter costs, vaccinations, and other veterinary costs will be due.